My New YouTube Channel

dream bed

I’ve been wanting to get active on YouTube for ages! If you’ve followed this blog since I began (5 years ago!), you know that I dabbled in beauty videos wayyyy back. Well, this is my new YouTube channel, and I’m so excited to share my personal vlogs, tutorials about business, content creation, photography and so much more. This week, I’ll be shooting a fun in the kitchen vlog with my friend Tessa of Sweet Bake Shop.

My first vlog shared my visit to my hometown as I prepped for my sister’s baby shower. It’s such a lovely memory for me to look back on. I’ve got to admit, it’s a learning curve getting comfortable in front of the cam… there were quite a few outtakes. I hear it gets easier, so I’m going with that.

I don’t know about you, but I love watching vlogs, and at the end of the day, I’m one to cozy up in bed with my phone (romantic!) and catch up on my fave YouTube personalities. I only watch a few, but it’s fun to see a more unedited view into someone’s life.

I wanted to do the same, and I hope you’ll subscribe and join me over there!

(bed and bedding from Rothman & Co.)


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