Summer Cocktail: Rosé Lemonade Sparkle

flower cocktail 2

Flowers, sparkling rosé and lemonade. Such a lovely combination, and it makes for the perfect summer cocktail, doesn’t it?! There isn’t much to creating this; simply pour your chilled sparkling rosé (it doesn’t have to be the good stuff since you’re adding juice), and top with a pour of icy cold lemonade. The flowers (from Flower Factory) are not edible, they are simply for decoration and presentation!

rose lemonade

OK, and the perfect photo opp, obvs!

summer cocktail

Make sure your fleurs are organic (therefore pesticide free), or wild, and before putting them to float a top your sparkling cocktail, give them a rinse, ok?

flower cocktail 3

Don’t forget to tell your guests that they can’t give them a taste.

flower cocktail

(The flowers, that is).

flower cocktail 1

I guarantee they will go in for another tipple. Or at least you will!

Pop, fizz, clink!

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