2016, Let’s Do This

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And we’re back! Oh my, what a holidaze it was indeed. I had a wonderful break in Alberta with my family for two weeks. I took relaxation seriously, turned on my out of office, and just enjoyed the passing time. I Instagrammed along the way, and loved chatting with you there. Now, here we are in a fresh year. It’s always a great marker of time, and I’m kicking off this year in a wonderful place. I love what I do, and plan to do more of the same in 2016.

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I rarely take a moment to just reflect and celebrate what I’ve achieved because sometimes it feels boastful (especially doing so outwardly!), but, I think it really is important to do! 2015 was full of huge milestones for me professionally with media features, the cover of a magazine, published work in the Vancouver Sun, and other print publications, my first production and styling of a full magazine cover editorial and a huge expansion of my business, Sparkle Media. I choose to see that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, (hey, if people are so inspired by you that they take their own action, that’s what it’s all about!) and that sometimes, turning the other cheek is the best way to counteract darkness. I absolutely love waking up every day and creating and sharing content and connecting with so many of YOU. What drives me? Passion and joy for what I do. It’s so simple (ok, and kind of cliche!) but I seriously think that this is the only way to enjoy your life. You must love what you do.

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This year, I want to focus on helping others to hone their passions, which is why I’m starting Sparkle Studio Workshops, the first of which sold out way faster than I thought it would… a week ago! Thank you so much for the response! I’ll be doing more, so watch this space. I have a few other things happening behind the scenes here that I’m excited to share so so soon.

A few items to tackle on my to-do list for the first part of the year include:

  1. Finishing the decor in our place – we have a few key pieces to get, and once we do, we’re good for a bit and I can finally do a home tour!
  2. Take as many getaways as we can – those short long weekend trips are really amazing for that balance thing and I always feel super rejuvenated afterwards
  3. Start a meditation practice beginning with 10 minutes each morning
  4. Less mindless Instagram scrolling, more bettering my mind with thoughtful podcasts (like this one! I specifically loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s episode) and reading

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you all and say HAPPY New Year, let’s make it a really solid year, yes?

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