My New Haircut

Erin Sousa December 2015

I’ve been literally talking about chopping my hair for like a year. I have had long, LONG hair since I was 5 years old, and so it had become part of who I was, and really, a security blanket. My husband is my hair stylist (yes it’s awesome, and no, I don’t get blowouts every day at home), so he was in charge of doing the deed. Poor guy, I’m sure he felt quite a bit of pressure. If you follow me on Snapchat, you saw it go down! (I’m erincsousa if you’re on it!)

I love my new LOB (long bob) with very subtle Balayage painted throughout (partial head, if you’re asking!). I feel so fresh, and back on trend. Phew, I was heading into the mid-thirty doldrums. That was a close call!

Thank you, hubs, for making me feel beautiful. For those of you who are looking, you can book with Roberto here in Vancouver at Nadia Albano Salon.

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