our home tour


I’m so so excited to finally share a home tour with you! BC Living offered us the opportunity to share our home with their readers, and we were so excited to shoot our space! Home decor is such a hobby of mine and I love making a space feel like home. I decorate with items that just feel right, and never, ever, go into it with a plan. Balancing my taste, and my husband’s taste has been quite easy – we compromise a lot and balance our tastes to make it work. For instance, the green leaf pillow, it was his choice, and I don’t mind it. The floral one was mine and he maybe pretends like he doesn’t mind it (but isn’t it gorgeous?!)


I’m all about the splurge and save tactic when it comes to home decor: save where you can, and spend on those items you’re in love with! Our couch was Ikea, and a great deal, while something like the ottoman was a bit pricier. Like everything, balance will be the key to decorating success.

Pop over to BC Living to see all the sources and the rest of our home tour! As always, feel free to comment below with any questions!

Photos by Taya Photography and flowers by Flower Factory.

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