rockstuds on my gift lyst


treating your friend to something special doesn’t happen often, so when jen of her waise choice asked me to partner with her and lyst to create a gal-entine’s day gift lyst for her, and her for me, i was totally into it! i hadn’t known much about lyst, but this platform is a definite time saver! lyst is an online shopping platform that partners with 9,000 brands to bring you millions of products to one place so you can have a universal hub to discover the fashion you covet.

jen created this lyst full of the things she’d think i would like (and was SPOT on!), and then chose one item to treat me to. i cannot believe that after years of stalking rockstuds, i have my very own pair. what a huge treat! knowing jen so well, i was able to put together a curated selection of items (called a gift lyst) from a variety of shops, and then chose a few to buy her that i knew she would love. it’s such an efficient way to not only shop for yourself, but others as well. since they can create a lyst to hint at what they might want, and then send you the link, i’m going to be hooked on the idea to sneak my ideas into my husband’s inbox. it’s a great little do-it-all shopping hub! luckily, lyst also alerts you when an in demand out of stock product is re-stocked, so you never have to waste time checking in.

curious what i treated jen to for ‘gal-intines’? pop over to her site to see what she got in the mail from me!

lyst 1

ok, so the rockstuds – i mean, can you even? i’ve been obsessed with these beauties for years. i chose the flats because i knew i’d get a lot more wear out of them and to have a pair in my collection is a little fashion dream come true for me.

lyst 3lyst 2

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  • Oh my gosh, Erin, I’m sitting here with my morning coffee and drooling. AH, those shoes!! Also on my “must have” list. Can’t wait to check out the site!! <3