the best pancake recipe ever

sunday pancakes 2

sunday mornings are all about pancakes in this house. it’s a tradition that i look forward to every week after most week days, breakfast as catch as you can. sunday means sleeping in (or letting my husband sleep in, that is), and waking him up with the smell of pancakes and bacon coming from the kitchen. this is the best pancake recipe ever – our pancake feasts are well documented on instagram and i want to share my tried and tested recipe with you that i’ve been making since i was a wee one with my mom! a mix was never an option in our house, and i mean seriously, the recipe is so easy, you don’t need to go that route!

sunday pancakes

now, i should preface this by saying that the pancakes are not gluten-free or vegan, but can be made dairy free if you swap in a soy or almond milk, and replace the regular flour for gluten-free.

these go best with a side of crispy bacon (or on top, as we prefer), and the recipe for that is super simple – bake on a foil lined cookie sheet at 400 degrees until crisp. no mess, no splatter and the perfect crisp every time.

PERFECT PANCAKES (for two hungry people)

2 cups milk, room temperature
2 eggs, room temperature
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp sugar
pinch salt

mix, lumps are ok, and cook in veggie oil or butter (or a combo of both). serve with warm maple syrup – the good stuff will make a difference.

white comfy bed

now, go back for seconds and then have a sunday nap.

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