poppy barley: the perfect fall boot


i can’t tell you how many times i’ve fallen in love with ‘the perfect boots’ only to try them on and find out that they were perfect… except for the fact that they didn’t actually fit. like, ever. at 5’2, i’m blessed with short legs, wide calves and feet, which pretty much put the nail in the perfect boot coffin for me. seriously annoying and unfair. well, i’ve found the solution (that infomercial “there must be an easier way” moment is playing in my head right now!). so in love with these poppy barley boots!

they are made to measure, and the online process couldn’t be easier. i love the idea of pretty much creating your very own style, designing your own custom pair of footwear according to style, colour, size, width and height. these are the foxhunt boot which i fell in love with because of their preppy style – i like to see myself in the english countryside, perhaps horseback riding while i’m wearing them, but i digress. i know they will be in heavy, heavy rotation all fall and winter long (yes, they are leather, so spraying them with a protectant is a must).


the width runs very true to size – for instance, i usually buy a size 8.5 – 9 because of my wide foot, but i am a true size 8. since they are made to measure, i was actually able to order something in my true size which, was a pretty great moment in my book.

something else i love about them: each pair is not only made just for you but made ethically in mexico, employing artisans and paying a fair wage, 13 times the average minimum wage. i had the pleasure of meeting the founders, and was drawn into the passion for what they are doing; gotta love a canadian owned and run company (from my hometown of edmonton, no less!). they totally have a new fan in me.

p.s: please fall, never leave. and yes, i’m wearing my fall uniform. and yes, again.

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  • Elizabeth Davis

    Please do more outfit posts! I love your style!

    • oh, so sweet, thanks, elizabeth! xo

  • They are fabulous! I’m excited to visit their pop up shop in Toronto tomorrow!

    • how did it go?! what did you choose?

      • It was a tough decision! I couldn’t decide between the Everyday City and the FoxHunt. In the end, the Fox Hunt won! I can’t wait to get my hands on them, they are stunning!