sick day fixes


hello! why is it that the weeks you really cannot get sick, you do? this week, i’m moving, life is chaos, and of course, i’d get sick. it got me thinking about the remedies we all reach for, and what works for me! i’m all about keeping it natural, targeting the problem as opposed to the symptom like cold meds do. that said, decongestant pills can be very helpful and preventative when it comes to ear infections since it gets rid of the fluid that causes them.

the moment i feel a tickle, i hop on the emergen-c, which is a high powered powder that you mix into water. i’ve been using this stuff for years, and it’s a great vitamin hit to use not just when you’re sick, but all the time to get those much needed vitamins and minerals in high doses.

my mom made us use salt water like a religion growing up, and it has such wonderful benefits, i listen to her to this day. things are about to get a tad gross, but stick with me here, because it might change your life. i wash out my sinuses with a salt solution. the salt inhibits bacteria growth. yes, we’ve all heard of the neti pot, which is a passive way to clear things out – i prefer the squeeze bottle from neilmed since it gives the right amount of pressure to get things moving. and by things, i mean snot. i heard madonna does this every day, and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us.

green juice should absolutely be an every day thing, but alas, for me, it’s not. i hit up whole foods juice bar for an “ABC, add kale” each day i’m sick, and feel like it gives me a concentrated boost of vitamins to kick this bug!

green tea mixed with a mint tea are what i sip on with a dribble of honey – it’s warm, full of antioxidants, and honey is soothing and anti-inflammatory.

what are your fave remedies? i’ve heard oil of oregano works, but i have yet to try!

i’ll be back here next week, after our move, with fresh content for you. wish us luck!

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  • The neilmed bottle doesn’t mess around! I had sinus surgery back in college because mine were so bad and it was a lifesaver. I just discovered heavy duty decongestant pills and the instance I start feeling that suffocating feeling…I pop one. They work wonders! I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    • do you have a fave decongestant, jessica!? xx

  • I’m just getting over a cold myself! I usually default to lots of rest, soup, and hot water with lemon, ginger, and honey when I’m sick. Hope you feel better soon.

    • good army you have there! i’m glad you’re feeling better!!! it’s the worst! xx