i always feel so terrible when i can’t dedicate time to posting on the blog. i don’t forget about you! it’s just been busy around here (and yes, i sound like a broken record). how is it already october? it’s definitely my favourite time of the year. i can’t get enough of the crisp weather and warm flavours (and we need not forget a spicy candle, the one above is from woodlot – a local vancouver company – and it’s a mainstay in our home).

today i’m producing a festive fall fete styled shoot (which i’m probably posting about on instagram right now!), and this weekend we’re going to be looking for a new couch for our new place. moving this month is going to make life even more crazy and i’m dreading the packing process so much, i can’t even tell you! on that note, have a wonderful weekend – a few ‘lately’ moments:


my fall it list: distressed denim (mine are from old navy and cost a cool $30!), slouchy camel tote (that i have to tell you literally gets a compliment from everyone who sees it, it’s crazy), and my speckled stella mccartney tortoise specs (they’re new, and i looove them!)


behind the scenes of an upcoming beauty tutorial for glitter guide (these are goodies from eco diva beauty).


i can’t get enough of ava. ever. she’s turing 5 this november and i still can’t stop staring at her face!

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  • Happy weekend Erin! I’m loving those frames – so, so gorgeous!! <3 And I hear ya, packing, I'm not a fan… I don't think we'll ever move for that reason! Although, I do remember wine always being a fabulous motivator!! And fingers crossed for a little insta or blog home tour!! xo

  • Jasmine

    What brand & model are your glasses? They are so cute!