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we all know the virtues of sunscreen, yes? i’ve only recently started being vigilant about the stuff myself. i have darker pigmentation in my skin, and thought i didn’t need it quite as badly as the fairer skinned, but after noticing sunspots, i’m on board at full speed.

as with all of my skincare, i prefer the more natural variety, and these are the best sunscreens on the market! the powder sunscreen is very interesting. as we’ve all heard, in order for sunscreen to be truly effective, it needs to be applied every few hours. conundrum! how the heck is that supposed to happen after you’ve applied your makeup? in steps powder, which can be applied to refresh your protection throughout the day without disturbing our look. brilliant!

a few things to note:

using a specific sunscreen for your face is the way to go as these have been tested to be non-comedogenic (basically, they won’t make you break out).

it also should be noted that it is said that anything over spf 30 is redundant, but i choose to err on the side of caution, and am using the obagi SPF 50 one.

noticeably absent is a spray-on spf, which i don’t believe are a) as effective b) healthy (inhaling those nano-particles is a no-no in my books).

if you’re looking to create an even greater barrier, layer vitamin c serum under your spf. this protects against free radicals and prevents damage at a deeper cellular level. here my insiders guide to vitamin c, and this is my current fave.

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