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this weekend, i had a little impromptu stagette with a few of my favourite ladies. it was short notice, and i planned it because on the night of my bridal bash a few weeks ago (deets here), i just couldn’t bring myself to hit the clubs. that said, it has been years since i’ve had a night out with my ladies… we’re talking probably 10. let me give you a little background.

in my late teens, early 20’s, i, like most of us, was all about those late nights out, dancing, drinking, flirting and probably smoking, too. i used to make time for this 2-3 times a week (vip entry was my bff), enjoying life, not a care in the world, working retail, or in hospitality, and thought it was the be all end all. healthy lifestyle? not at all, but it was all about finding the next fun night out.

10 years ago, i moved to vancouver, and didn’t know a single person. i worked my tail off for 9 days a week (that’s 7 days a week + 2 double shifts), all while going to school, and just trying to make something of myself. going out wasn’t going to happen, and i didn’t have friends to do that with anyway. life alone in vancouver was scary, lonely and draining.

fast forward to now, and i’m running my own business where i get to help clients reach their full branding potential (more on sparkle media, here), have a wonderful group of girlfriends i feel SO lucky to know, and am almost married to the true love of my life. life is still stressful – there’s a lot to keep up with, wedding planning and running one’s own business is terribly overwhelming and downright frustrating at times (this month has been extremely so), and going back to how this post started out, i haven’t taken the time to just go out with my ladies, let loose, and party.

most saturday evenings are spent on the couch with my love watching our fave shows with take out, and i love every minute of it. i didn’t realize how much i needed to get out, let loose, feel carefree again, and just take a break! i know my ladies needed it too, because we all had the best time giggling, drinking, dancing to our fave top-40 music (no ‘EDM’ here, thank you!) and nursing a hangover the next day. it bonded me closer to my friends, and shook off the anxiety. (and yes, it did feel awkward to arrive first to the club… basically, i have no idea what time this party process starts at anymore, and apparently, it’s NOT 10pm?!)

if you’re feeling tired, stuck, and in a little too deep, just dance. i promise, it will help! xo

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