high tea at soirette

_MG_5531 _MG_5325 when i start working with a new client (with my business, sparkle media), there are many hours and days spent researching, getting to know the market, their product, and their vision – it is a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation. i always find learning so much fun, and it feeds my creativity to really understand the fundamentals of my clients brand. being prepared to communicate a brands’ message is a big deal, so i’m a sponge learning everything i can about them. _MG_5522

luckily for me, sparkle media’s new client, soirette, happens to be a wonderful macaron and tea shop dedicated to the art of fine desserts and pastries… straight from paris. macarons, eclairs, and delicate desserts galore! part of getting to know them involved jen and i trying out the weekend high tea service, and we loved taking photos of the beautiful creations, and of course, taste testing the gorgeous nibbles and sipping the delish teas. calling this work seems foolish, but it actually is! (i swear!)

_MG_5521  _MG_5510

such a fun and luxurious afternoon to enjoy with your girlfriends, and a wonderful idea for a bridal shower or special occasion.


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  • Marissa

    This is amazing! I need to come visit and go here, you know my tea obesssion 🙂 xx