7 ways to make 2014 your best year yet

7 ways to own 2014

there’s always something so awesome about a chance to start over. you’ve learned a lot in the last year, and may have figured out that there are some changes you’d like to make to really make 2014 your year. new year resolutions? not exactly.

personally, i’m thinking about changes that are easy to incorporate into a routine for the new year. i’ve never been one to record goals, but i feel like there are definitely little tweaks that can really make a difference to your quality of life. here are my 7 easy ideas to make your 2014 awesome.

goal 1 get fitted

get fitted: seriously, it changed my life last year. i won’t tell you more here… just read about my experience here and then step in to your nearest lingerie shop to get those babies in check.

.goal 2 organize pics

organize your digital photos: we’re in a whirlwind of digital these days, and it’s easy to forget to organize your snaps. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve gone looking for an image, and can’t find it because my folders are a shoddy disaster. this year, i plan to sort this out, decide what i want to get printed for wall art, and keep with the momentum for good. i would suggest categorizing by year, and then making individual photo albums (folders) by milestone. the images are tagged with dates within the file info, which is helpful. and please, back up your images to an external hard drive. i don’t plan on using “the cloud” for these important files! memories are important so keep them organized.

goal 3 shall pass

remember that this too shall pass: 2013 was a year of major personal and professional struggles for me, and somehow i’ve always chosen to just trust the process. whenever i’m going through a more difficult period, this saying always rings in my head and is one my mom always instilled in us. try this: think about yourself two months from a difficult moment, and realize that the world will not have crumbled, and you will be just fine. you always have been and always will be. things work out the way they are supposed to. on a lighter note, if you feel those moments of “why isn’t that happening for me”, realize that these feelings are normal and temporary. you’ll have your moment to shine one day soon, too!

goal 4 unplug

unplug at least one day a week: for those of us that work in digital, this is extremely hard to adhere to, i get it. that being said, if you plan accordingly, you should be able to disconnect from the oftentimes addictive world of online media at least one day a week . when we’re so focused on what other people are doing, unconsciously becoming a slave to each orange notification bubble, and sharing our own real-time moments, we really disconnect with reality, not to mention the people right in front of us. this cause anxiety, fear of missing out (fomo) and we lose our own voice and perspective. you do not need to refresh instagram 48 times a day. at least not on that one day you unplug.

goal 5 go natural

go natural with your skin care: i’m a huge fan of removing chemicals from our beauty routines, and try to use as many natural products as possible. why not ease into a healthier beauty routine yourself? read about my fave natural beauty products, and why i’m such a believer in them, here.

goal 6 acv

drink apple cider vinegar: hands down, adding apple cider vinegar into my routine has made the biggest difference to my skin. there are tons of benefits to this natural wonder including balancing, cleansing, regulating your body. look for organic, raw apple cider vinegar with ‘the mother’ included. my fave is bragg’s. add two tablespoons to your morning water, lukewarm is best, and drink it all in one go. you’ll get used to the taste, i promise!

goal 7 listen

just listen: honestly, this is a bit of a sticky subject for me, so please excuse a bit of a rant. these days, everyone is talking, and really no one is listening. i seek people out who know how to really listen – it’s one of the most underrated keys to success… i talked about the most important piece to success here. interrupting to tell a person what you think, waiting to talk, responding with your own story, these are all traits that we all need to work on. the biggest gift you can give to someone is your undivided attention (without a screen in front of your face). people like people who make them feel important, and the way to do that is to make them feel heard. and while we’re talking about it, the only way to learn is to listen. think about it… when was the last time you learned anything by talking? (crickets). i promise if you check yourself, you can become better at this very underrated skill, and it will separate you from the pack.

so your turn! was this helpful to you? is there something that you want to incorporate into your life this year? i’d love to hear about it below. 

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  • Elizabeth Davis

    I really enjoy these posts where you break everything down. Every morning I am excited to receive the notification that another blog from you has been posted. 🙂 Thank you for your motivation!

    • elizabeth, thank you so much for that comment. it makes my day to hear it. THANK YOU for being a reader! x