gold gilded pumpkin place cards

gold gilded pumpkins 4 gold gilded pumpkins 2gold gilded pumpkins 1

allow me to preface this by saying i don’t craft, and i don’t diy. i always find that craft projects are tedious, and expensive once you shell out for all the necessary supplies. plus, you always end up getting carried away and buying far too much – you obviously always need more martha stewart glitter… or is that just me? i was inspired by this post, and knew that, because of my obsession with all things gold, and gold gilded (remember my diy business cards? wait… i thought i don’t diy…), along with my upcoming thanksgiving dinner, these had to happen. how great is the texture the foil gives?

gold gilded pumpkins

i got all the supplies at michaels, including the gold foil. i would say to do 6 pumpkins, it cost me about $20, including tools, stamps and those little gift tags. i did however, have plenty of supplies leftover for another few pumpkins at least. basically, it’s very affordable. the process totally fun, easy, albeit a tad messy, and you do need patience to lay the gold foil just so. a little tip: micheals always has those 50% off coupons – get them with the iphone app or online to save, save, save)


gold leafing, liquid adhesive, foam brush, alphabet stamps (they aren’t pictured but are just little singular letter stamps), gift tags

gold gilded pumpkins 3


  • using the liquid adhesive (this one came in a ‘starter pack’ with the gold foil), and the foam brush, paint on the glue over the top of the pumpkin and the stem. i freehanded the edge because i like the rustic look, instead of taping off a crisp line.
  • let the adhesive get tacky – the package said to wait 40mins, but the glue was tacky in about 5-10mins.
  • simply lay the gold leaf over the pumpkin and gingerly press and pat it down with your fingers, getting into all those little ridges of the pumpkin. this takes a little finesse. once you have it placed, rub off the excess gold, almost polishing it with your fingertips to ensure there is no loose foil.
  • stamp the gift tags, and tie the string around the pumpkin stem to place on your guest spot at the table.

gold gilded pumpkins 5

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    These are beautiful can’t wait to try this on some other holiday fruit and nut 🙂