in my kitchen: the basics and pretty things

in my kitchen

i am a total foodie and chef at heart. getting into the kitchen just makes me happy. i believe that your surroundings should reflect your taste and make you feel good, that includes the space i spend a lot of time in: my kitchen! i love a well stocked kitch and have narrowed down some of the best basics every woman should have in her kitchen… and some pretty things, too (of course!)

1. gold flatware (i use this for special occasions and to add some sparkle to photos!)

2. porcelain dish soap dispenser (get rid of those ugly bottles that clutter)

3. salt pig (i store my good maldon salt here and use pinches to finish my dishes)

4. good morning mugs (my boyfriend loves his, too!)

5. sapadilla counter cleaner (i love natural cleaning products, and this one disinfects with alcohol – buy at whole foods)

6. magic bullet single (i use this to make my daily morning smoothie – can’t live without it!)

7. mason jars (i have tonnes of these which are perfect as extra glasses, storing leftovers, and making homemade salad dressings… they’re not just for jam anymore!)

8. jade pitcher (a fancy touch and perfect to double as a vase)

9. kitchenaid mixer (this was on my wishlist for years, and my mom in law gifted it to me at christmas. i use this a lot and it makes baking so much easier not to mention a lot more fun. pretty sure she gave me one so i would continue to bake for sunday dinners…)

10. dog bowls (these were a splurge for my little ava; i think they were $50 each… but she deserves a little luxury, too!)

11. nespresso citiz (when my bf moved in this was our first purchase – can’t live without it!)

12. aeroccino in silver (the free standing milk frother made the most sense for us to save counter space. admittedly, we don’t use it very often but it’s great for guests)

13. moroccan lantern (this sits in the middle of our kitchen table and its so, so pretty when it’s lit up with candles)

14. cutting board (the perfect cutting board! it has non-slip feet that grip in place so it doesn’t slide. it’s nice and thin and you can throw it in the diswasher. a holy grail item for me)

15. zwilling henkels knife (a sturdy hi-quality chef knife is imperative in the kitchen. it’s pricey, but will last a lifetime. i have a few and rotate through them to keep them fresh)


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