30 things about the birthday girl

the sparkle birthday

i turn 32 today, so what better time to be a tad narcissistic and share some inside info all about the birthday girl! i could have sat down and written out some facts, but i thought it would be a lot more fun to ask the three people i’m closest with to each send me “10 things about erin”! here they all are, unedited, might i add…

birthday girl facts

from karly (little sister)

  • thoughtful – she is the first person to send you a congratulations or thank you card for small or big events or share an article or book you might be interested in.
  • generous – no disappearing act when the bill comes… she always wants to make it her treat! she is not only generous monetarily but in spirit with her time, encouragement and support.
  • considerate – she is always thinking about how you feel and what she can do to make you feel even better! she is the queen of bringing coffee in bed! the night before my wedding day she set up a beautiful bubble bath with music and candles to help me relax.
  • bossy – i either love or hate this characteristic depending…She is so take charge and capable that she will tell you what to do and by when! for someone who procrastinates, is always late and go-with-the-flow, this is my kick in the butt
  • her laugh – my favorite thing is when we are talking on the phone, laughing our heads off and suddenly i can’t hear anything, i think she hung up but then i hear a squeal or snort! that’s when i know i’m funny.
  • her hands – sounds strange but i love her little nails and cute, tiny hands!
  • opinionated – erin is no shrinking wallflower, she will tell you exactly what she thinks and why! nothing is off limits but in a good way. she takes strong positions on things that matter to her and/or to the people she loves… must be the LEO in her!
  • sensitive – she might cover this well but she is sensitive, vulnerable and loyal almost to a fault.
  • her baking – my husband wants to trade to the older model! when she is visiting, we know we better get out the fat pants…
  • funny/fun – she cracks me up, we have such a good time and “the giggles” hit hard when we are together!

from val (bestie)

  • she has a tattoo! (note from erin: i was 21… and stupid… and yes, it’s a chinese character)
  • she will apologize if she’s in the wrong
  • she has seen every episode of each real housewives show (minus atlanta)
  • she is extremely nurturing; staying at her house is like a bed and breakfast… minus the payment
  • when she finds something cute (dog, baby, roberto), she wants to squeeeeeeeeze it
  • she is supportive and gives great advice
  • she will stand up for what she believes in
  • she doesn’t enjoy recycling
  • she asks for extra cheese on her pizza and complains that its too greasy… every time!
  • gold trumps silver, always.

from roberto (boyfriend… he’s a real joker)

  • the easiest way to her heart is through a compliment.
  • hates leftovers, unless it’s an open bag of oreos.
  • is maybe the worst person to help find a missing ANYTHING in the house.
  • will tell you she watches CNN but will watch any real housewives anything before she does…
  • will often skip a meal… to have a dessert in its place.
  • is an unapologetic morning person.
  • falls asleep during ANY movie she watches.
  • notorious for NOT finishing any beauty product (just in case it’s ever discontinued).
  • when bored most people bite their nails. erin will tweeze her eyebrows and is rarely without a pair of tweezerman tweezers.
  • ava (our dog) has had a professional photoshoot not once but twice!

in last year’s birthday post, i shared the 31 lessons i’ve learned in my 31 years

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  • Zunni

    Happy birthday Leo-lady. You’re described exactly as I imagined you – oh, if only Ava could add her “ten things about Erin”. Big hugs.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Fawn Mulcahy

    Happy Birthday Erin, I sure hope your day sparkles!

  • Grit & Glamour™

    I love this take on things about you…so clever. Happy birthday, gorgeous!

  • Liz

    Happy Birthday, Erin! Thank you for bringing a little sparkle into each of our lives. I admire your honesty and style. You’ve inspired me to follow my own dreams!

    From one Leo to another, keep doing your thing and thank you for sharing 🙂

  • VSos

    Love these! Happy bday bestie. xoxox

  • Karly

    When I gave my 10 points, I was finishing a sentence “What I LOVE about Erin is…” I think it’s all pretty bang on! xo

  • Haha, this is great. Happy birthday!

  • tianna

    Happy Birthday! really funny post ♥

  • Happy Birthday, Erin! This is genius! “notorious for not finishing any beauty product just in case it’s ever discontinued” – too funny! x

  • Danielle Nordahl

    Happy Birthday! This post is cute and hilarious, hope you had a wonderful day!



  • Alloy Moo King

    As a godchild… Erin is pure Gold!