5 books to read in your 20’s

five books

so, i’m not the biggest bookworm. whenever i have spare time, i relax watching my fave trashy shows, hello housewives! every new year, i resolve to get better at picking up a good book, and every year, i have a stack sitting on my bedside table collecting dust. i didn’t even finish 50 shades of gray, as titillating as it’s been described. does this make me a book expert, heck no. however, i do know which books have made the biggest impact in my life and they are books every woman in her 20’s should be reading. each of these have impacted my perspective and behavior in a positive way, from getting the douchy guys out of my life, to giving me perspective during a rough time, to detaching from my ego (something that is still a work in progress). see any of your faves on my list? do you have a book that changed your life that i absolutely must know about?

it’s all good, gwyneth paltrow: we’re reminded time and time again that gwyneth does it better. her latest cookbook is no exception to this. it’s a philosophy to eating that i followed pre-cook book, but she explains the lifestyle in such a common sense manner and then provides the best ways to prepare and create delish and healthful recipes. i consider myself a flexitarian (light on the animal products not including cheese, but a little of everything) and this is my go-to cookbook. add it to your arsenal!

a place of yes, bethenny frankel: hearing about the journey of successful women i look up to is my kryptonite. when you’re moving through struggles, you forget that it wasn’t a smooth path for most successful women out there. they also pursued dead end careers once upon a time too? inspiring. this book encapsulates this and she shares her advice in a really relatable and honest way. get the audio book and listen to it while you cook.

is everyone hanging out without me (and other concerns), mindy kaling: i read this book right after i was laid off this summer while on vacay and man, did it hit the right chord. she is one of my fave ladies, and this book is hilarious (way funnier than tina fey’s bossypants, if you can imagine) and she’s so self deprecating and inspiring in a very lighthearted, non-preachy way.

a new earth, awakening your life’s purpose, eckhart tolle: made famous by my life guru, oprah, eckhart is brilliant – especially during the digital over-sharing era promoting greed, jealousy, and comparison we’ve entered into. it’s a heavy read based on philosophy that will literally change your entire life outlook and help you see the presence of ego. if you’re tackling this book list, read this one first and see the shift.

he’s just not that into you, greg behrendt and liz tuccillo: again, another one made famous by the mighty oprah ages ago. you may consider this a stale choice but the information is not outdated in the least. he’s not calling you? going through a breakup? heal and learn with these simple dating rules. i’ll tell you, it’s helped me get rid of some douchy guys before i found my one.

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  • I’ve only read– How to lose a guy in 10 days. Need to read the others asap!


  • tianna

    awesome picks! Def need to read that Mindy book! she’s hilariouss ♥

    • you will not regret it, tianna!

  • Perfect, I need a new summer read… and I’m 20! I love self-help books so I will definitely be checking out some of these books! Thanks!!

    • fantastic! i wish i would have read these at your age – lucky you! x