pressing pause

be happy

sometimes, there’s just too much on your plate, and when that happens, you need to realize that you can do it all, but you can’t do it all well. what i’m doing this week is prioritizing getting my new beauty business up and running (this includes a photoshoot with framework magazine’s june issue profiling me and the new business!)

chasing your dreams takes serious focus, so that’s what i need to do this week: focus. please give me a free pass? check in with me on twitter, because i’ll need to take a break sooner or later, right? see you next week and in the meantime, don’t forget that little quote above. xo


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  • Go Girl Enterprises

    100% true. Just what I needed to hear for myself as well. Congrats on the new business from one of your Australian connections. 🙂

    • thank you very much! the encouragement is appreciated, aussie friend 😉

  • Jasmine

    Thank You soooo much. I really needed to read this post today.

    • you are so welcome, jasmine – hope it helped. x