weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles

another week is behind us, and i’m dedicating this weekend to really getting my life in order. i am totally unproductive when things are disorganized, so i need to prioritize the mundane. this includes thrilling tasks like washing the windows, getting rid of clutter, cleaning the car and (the fun part), fine tuning some details for my new business. speaking of which, i’m working with my first client this weekend, and stay tuned, because on saturday june 1st i’ll be making the big announcement on the right here! i hope you’ll join me here on the big day and show your support – it means the world (if you’re following me on twitter, you’ve seen a bit of a buzz about it…). exciting!

have a great weekend! x

i made this creamy (vegan) tortilla soup this week and it was delish!

this new photo app is all over instagram – it’s super cute and fun

i still swoon over (my editor at glitter guide) taylor sterling’s beautiful gold and pink wedding – it’s perfection… and you have to watch the vid

43 things that will make you feel really old… it worked for me (sigh)

so, gizoogle.net is pretty hilarious – google for the snoop dogg generation (side note: i literally had to google to see if ‘dog’ was two g’s or just one)


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