simple and sweet succulents

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over the period of a year, i probably spend a fortune on fresh flowers for our bedside tables (my faves are white roses as evidenced here). i love the freshness live plants bring to a room, and figured it was time to get creative and kill the weekly flower budget. i hadn’t considered succulents before, but now, i’m obsessed. they’re modern and simple, and i love the fact they really are like a little piece of art in themselves. they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are low-maintenance which is always a great thing for plant murderers like myself.

we also came up with a way to add a little romantic touch to ours…

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my bf’s beside table looks so fresh and clean with this modern addition.

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how to pot and care for succulents:

i love to see the layering in a glass holder. mine are actually riedel water glasses!

rocks are necessary for the base as the roots can easily rot if too much water is retained so start off with gravel or a pretty decorative rock, just make sure they are on the smaller side.

you must use a special potting soil for succulents. cactus mix is what you’ll want to use because it provides appropriate drainage.

layer the rocks and dirt as you please, but make sure to leave enough space for your third decorative layer. also ensure you pack each layer quite tight so each level looks flat and clean.

the next step is the prettifying! the succulent should sit in the dirt, and the sand (or other decorative stone) should sit around the very base of the leaves. we used sand we, um, stole from a beach in mexico (awwww, how romantic – it was his idea to use this, actually!)

succulents thrive in sunlight, so sit them in an area where it’s sunny, but avoid direct sunlight as the tender leaves will scorch.

be sure to water and fertilize (any houseplant fertilizer will do) frequently in the summer months and leave them without for longer periods in the winter.

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  • Preciously Me

    Those succulents are so cute!

  • Gina

    Gorgeous. How many centimeters tall do those glasses measure?