things i love right now

things i love right now 4

the sun is starting to make an appearance more regularly and i’m feeling so bright and happy! these are a few things i can’t get enough of right now.

dayNa decker sent over this luxe peony candle – i’m not only in love with it, but the packaging is stunning and so right up my alley; i’m defo keeping that box! oh, and it’s natural and basically chemical-free. the candle burns with a soft crackling sound that is so tranquil with a book. i actually get sad when i have to blow it out! |  please tell me you like a smidgen of trash tv? well, i love a lot of it and am watching the new season of real housewives of orange county online… with my bf (he pretends he’s doing me a favour, but i know the truth) | every year around this time, i break out my jo malone nectarine blossom and honey cologne. it’s so, so fresh and bright and instantly gets me in the vibe of spring and summer | i have this cook book on order and (as you may know) am a huge gp fan. based on what i’ve heard, her newest cookbook is all about a natural, organic and gluten free lifestyle which i try to adhere to myself | i picked up these sweet, tiny and delicate heart shaped earrings for myself at a local boutique, loft 82 and can’t take them off

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  • Couldn’t agree with you more about the “trash tv”. I am addicted & so glad the original ladies are back!

    • right?! do you have a fave? they’re all pretty vapid now, aren’t they?!

  • Can you do a review on GP’s new cookbook? I am still on the fence about getting it but would love to hear your thoughts!

    • great idea, erin. the cook book is great – defo recommend. if you’re looking at getting a little healthier, it’s an approachable guide for this.