how to: essie’s new ‘sleek stick’ nail stickers

essie nail stickers

i may be late to the party, but i haven’t ever used nail stickers! i’m more of a classic girl and usually keep my nails simple favouring reds, nudes and if i’m feeling feisty, a neon. essie’s sleek stick nail art stickers are the latest (and maybe the best) ones on the market. when they sent over a selection to test out, i was ready to break out of my box and try something out of the norm on my fingertips!

nail art has exploded over the past few years, women are looking at what’s on their nails as part of their wardrobe. using stickers is the easiest way to get a cool texture/trend on your nails in seriously, a snap. i love the fact that there’s no drying time (how many of us have smudged a nail while waiting for the polish to set)? another perk: it’s a chemical free process. it took me less than 15 minutes to apply these stickers and the kit provides everything you need.

a few extra tips:

  • sealing the tip of the nails with a clear coat of polish will definitely extend the wear of the stickers
  • make sure the stickers don’t cover the cuticle, doing so will have them peeling up around the edges of the nail
  • to remove just peel them off… that’s it!

essie nail stickers detail

bare nails

essie step two

essie step three

essie nail stickers complete

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  • Gorgeous! Where can these be purchased in Canada?

    •  they sell essie at london drugs and i think shoppers? you can probably find them there – enjoy!

  • Mikki Fox

    I love this Erin!!  It looks incredible…will be trying immediately!

    • saw them at london drugs over the weekend, so you definitely can get them there! can’t wait to see your mani, mikki! x

  • Lloydandwolf

    Love these! Where can you buy them?

  • if you’re in canada, london drugs sells them!