decor: our bedroom

his bedsidehis neat and tidy nightstand. i’ve always dreamed of a perfect bed, and we finally have it. all white, feather pillows and duvet, and of course, king size!

my boyfriend moved into the apartment in april of 2012, and we’ve been enjoying slowly picking out items for our bedroom to create an atmosphere we both can enjoy. i feel like we’ve accomplished our goal of a dreamy, special space!

to me, a bedroom should be soothing, clutter free and full of beautiful things because it’s the first thing you see when you wake, and the last thing you see before you close your eyes. while i do like a cozy feel, i prefer a streamlined space that is fuss free (trust me, that bed with it’s feather duvet and pillows is plenty cozy – there isn’t a day that i don’t fantasize about crawling back into it!) so we settled on a white palette, with touches of black as the anchors for the room, both on the ceiling with the light fixture, and the floor with the cowhide rug. the the walls are a warm off-white and softness is created with both shapes and angles; the curves create balance in the space.

i love getting creative and sourcing items from unexpected places; a mix of splurging on a piece you adore (like the highboy dresser and lamps), and paying less for items you can’t tell the difference on (like the light fixture and night stands) is the key to thoughtful design in my book.

this room is not finished, and we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect white tufted headboard and some art (which is incredibly difficult to commit to – near impossible!). we may or may not put curtains on the window – for now, we are appreciating their natural state. once i’ve completed our bedroom, i’ll be sure to share some updated photos with you.

light fixturethe light fixture (which was a steal from homesense) and big bare windows emphasize the airy feel and 10 foot ceilings

orchidi always have an orchid in our bedroom; they last for months and you can find one for $20 at most corner shops here in vancouver. the marble top credenza is a reclaimed vintage piece and the highboy dresser is also from a local vintage shop and was a splurge. the varga girl print is from my days as a bachelorette and my boyfriend let me keep it displayed (small victories!). the print is from here, and the frame is from ikea. yes, we have a tv in bedroom, which many people would disagree with, but i can’t live without my morning news injection

girly stuffmy jewelry and our cologne/perfume sits a top the highboy dresser. i use a vintage mirror tray and little dishes i picked up along the way to hold my little things. the addition of a match pack from my favourite restaurant brings back great memories (and reminds me to make a reso asap!)

her bedside 1while our night tables don’t offer much storage (told you i like clutter free!), the open base keeps things feeling light and clean. we purchased them from ikea for a steal and  spray painted them from their original black, to white. fresh flowers beside the bed make me happy! (as for my reading material… i’m not sure why men love bitches, but i plan to find out, apparently!). the gold bowl is from the cross decor and design and the lamp is a bit of a splurge item from west elm

her bedsidejust the basics on my side of the bed. i use lavender oil to help me sleep – it seriously works

crystal knobsit’s all in the details, and these crystal knobs add just the right amount of sparkle to our space

cowhide rug 1i found this really affordable cowhide rug on ebay of all places!

jewelsi like to display my jewels instead of locking them away where they do no good to anyone!

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  • your bedroom looks so simple yet cozy! I love all the white & jealous of your king size bed 🙁 For some reason a queen feels too small for my boyfriend and I!

    •  the king bed was essential to our survival! the queen did feel too small so i totally know where you’re coming from, drew! x

  • I love how crisp and white it is–gorgeous!

    AlyssaThe Glossy Life

    •  thank you so much, alyssa! x

  • wow love your bedroom. i really like the feel of all white with hardwood floors. 

    •  thank you so much, definitely my favourite elements, too! x

  • prairiegirlitc

    Really beautiful Erin:)


  • Love trays for stashing jewelry. Love the fresh white + great textures.

  • Fernandajorquera

    Love all the details.  It really does look like you took the time to carefully choose the items that felt right for the both of you.  Thank you so much for sharing.

    •  that’s great to hear – that was definitely my intention. thanks, fernanda!

  •  patti – thank you so much! i’m such a fan of juxtaposing textures in a non-obvious way.