beauty: the power of maracuja oil

tarte maracuja oil

as a makeup artist and beauty editor, i’m always looking for the latest and greatest on the market to try out – and as we all know, most beauty products just don’t live up to their hype. coming across something that will end up in my daily ever evolving routine (and on my space-challenged countertop) isn’t the norm, but when i find something worthy, i must let you know about it… well, hello tarte maracuja oil!

when my sister asked for my help in finding a new skin care routine, i came across this beautiful oil. she was looking to refine her pores, help with premature aging around her eyes, reduce breakouts and just balance things out. this precious oil was perfect for her skin concerns because it delivers a dose of clean moisture (i.e. no fillers and/or chemicals normally found in creams) and a solution to each one of these skin issues. i myself have been a big fan of skin oils (especially josie maran’s argan oil) for quite sometime, and was really excited to find this alternative that promised even better results.

about the oil

maracuja oil (pronounced mah-rick-oo-jah and is portuguese for passionflower) is derived from the passion fruit in the amazon and only one crop is harvested each year by the amazonian women. i was glad to hear that tarte has a cooperative in the amazon that supports the women of the region.

benefits of the oil

maracuja oil is rich in vitamin c, calcium, phosphorous, and has a very high content of essential fatty acids. it’s tagline is “the pure miracle” because of the incredible benefits it offers your skin.

  • rebuilds and repairs
  • soothes and heals redness and irritation
  • hydrates and brightens
  • reduces lines and wrinkles
  • improves elasticity, tone and texture
  • boosts collagen production thanks to the vitamin c

what i love about it

first of all, a bottle of the stuff will last for ages and the glass is tinted so light cannot intrude and break down the valuable vitamin c. it doubles as an eye cream and has really made my (somewhat oily) skin feel and look supple, brighter and smoother. i use it before bed most nights – a few drops soaks in quickly and will cover your entire face and neck… a little tip: use any extra on the backs of your hands!

so, what do you think? are you into the natural beauty movement? have you tried any oils i should know about?

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  • I’ve been infatuated with oils for a while, everyone seems to sing their praises, but I still haven’t tried one.

    Is this the one you would recommend?


    •  i would recommend this one, for sure. i am seeing more visible results than with argan. i also love rodin beauty oil, but it’s triple the price!

  • Liz

    I have been using unrefined coconut oil as a facial moisturizer for about 8 months. I was nervous at first since I am fairly prone to break outs. It is one of the only things I have found that actually keeps my face moisturized throughout the day. It absorbs quickly into my skin without leaving my skin feeling oily. It has been hard to get myself to try anything new since I have had such good luck with it. I absolutely love tarte’s products though, so I may have to give this one a go! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dr. Alkaitis. By far the. best. facial oil. I have a tried (and I’ve tried a lot!). It brightens like WHOA and you wake up with baby soft skin. 

    •  fantastic to know, victoria! will go look into it now; thanks for the reco! x

  •  hey liz – coconut oil is also a really great option for a moisturizer! i’ve never used it on my face, but it’s worked well on my body. it balances everything so well! if you end up trying this oil, let me know. i love the effect i’ve seen so far. x

  • Jessica Doble

    do you have any recommendations for a cheaper oil for girls on a budget? thanks in advance!

    • Deanne Cole

      Try Same product, only it’s organic, less than $20 for a 2oz bottle…

  • Deanne Cole

    If the pretty purple bottle is something you can live without, there is a natural beauty and skin care company in my area that sells a 2 oz bottle of this oil (100 percent pure and organic) for I believe around $15. It comes in a pretty dark blue glass bottle…

  • Tracy Brewer Meighan

    Hi, I just discovered the maracuja oil and have started ro use it as my night moisturizer and it seems to be working out ok so far! I did find the exact same thing as the Tarte one. It’s 4oz for the same price as the small Tarte one!!!!