birthday girl

it’s my birthday today! the photo above was taken at my first birthday. i’ve always been obsessed with this photo, because not only is my mom preggers with my sister, but she looks so beautiful – it captures such a moment in time!

so, allow me to share with you  31 things i’ve learned in my 31 years… trust me, i could have kept going. right now, life could not be better – i’m surrounded with wonderful people and living a life i love. thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

31 things i’ve learned in my 31 years:

live with a roommate so you can appreciate not living with one.

a girl that “doesn’t get along with other girls” is probably not nice to other girls. proceed with caution.

doing something for someone hoping to receive in return will set you up for disappointment each and every time, so give generously and without strings.

leaving the house without makeup is liberating – do it.

yes, you deserve a pedicure every once and awhile, guilt free.

when it comes to friends, quality over quantity rules!

gossiping is like junk food, it feels so good in your mouth but rots you from the inside out.

nothing makes you feel better than laughing – do this often and choose a partner who makes this happen regularly.

never show up to a party empty handed – people are busy and you should be flattered they invited you over – and make sure you send a thank you card in return for their hospitality.

learn to cook and cook for other people whenever possible just because it feels good.

if you’re in a club, and your shoes are off, it’s time to go home.

against oprah’s advice, you may not be able to land your dream job, but make sure your passion is satisfied through a hobby.

traveling will teach you more than any classroom.

take your makeup off at night. your 50 year old self will thank you (and so will your 30 year old self!)

nothing makes you feel better like talking to a close friend or family member even when you’re sure you want to be alone. it’s healthier than wolfing down a piece of cake!

read bethenny frankel’s book ‘a place of yes’.

texting is overrated, and at times inappropriate – pick up the phone.

eating pizza for dinner three nights in a row is perfectly acceptable.

don’t compare your life to other people, especially your 300 facebook friends – of course in combination, their lives appear more interesting and glamorous.

a bright lipstick on a grumpy day will improve your mood… hey, it’s worth a go at least.

get braces in adolescence when your parents pay for them – you’ll be so thankful you did because they are damn expensive and nice teeth are a deal breaker.

don’t assume everyone else is smarter than you – your ideas are unique and special.

watch ‘elf’ and laugh at christmas, or not at christmas.

even if you think you aren’t a dog person, you probably are. they change you for the better. especially a yorkie/maltese named ava.

black isn’t just for funerals or new yorkers. it’s chic and you can rarely own too much… unless you are me.

spend money on foundation and save on mascara… and take the time to nail down your perfect foundation colour!

balance. learn it, love it and live it to the best of your ability.

real friends are terribly hard to find so treat them well and tell them/show them you love them. oh, and never take your family for granted because you are lucky to have a great one.

massage is not overrated.

your ego can destroy you. read “a new earth” by eckhart tolle at 20, and every five years after that. i wish someone would have told me this!

what you wear doesn’t make you better than anyone else, it’s how you treat others that defines who you are.


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  • julie ann yap

    Guess what? I’ll surely reread this post over time! Such beautiful things to share with:) Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

    •  thanks so much, julie! it’s one that i’ll have to re-visit too – just as a reminder! x

  • Ladyee

    This is a great post. I plan to borrow a few things from this list. Happy Birthday!

  • Randa Salloum

    Happy Birthday Erin! I’m going to follow your 31 rules and share them with others! Especially the one about pizza 3 days in a row 🙂


  • I adore this post! I think all of them are such simple but honest (and therefore forgettable) truths!

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  • Happy Birthday, Erin!!!!

    LOVE this list so much – great idea 🙂

    Hard to pick any favorites since i agree/love them all but “balance. learn it, love it and live it to the best of your ability.” is it!

    Also, cannot agree more about the dog person… I use to dislike dogs but since my family brought a pup back almost 10 years ago and life is never the same… I seriously can’t live without them!! Even moving out now, we had to get a dog. Its only natural haha 🙂

    •  i had a hard time narrowing the list down to 31 – haha! i agree… balance is the most important thing, but SO hard to achieve! i didn’t know you had a dog! what breed?? x

  • I came over from Lust Luxe love.  You had some great picks there today.  I’m appreciating the Nars lipstick.  I also that you love Spain.  I do too!! Recently came back.  We go every year. 

    •  so glad to have you here! WOW – every year – lucky you! where is your fave spot to visit there? i am dying to go to barcelona! x

  • Mikki

    Happy belated birthday! Thanks for sharing this, I totally agree with your list and will have to look for “a new world”


  • Joanne Vuong

    Happy Belated Birthday Erin!  I love all your tips especially about the massage and make up.   I hope you had a good birthday yesterday!

    xo Jo