it’s monday: instagram sparkles

it's monday

a huge thank you for all of the compliments about the new design! after working so hard on it (anyone who’s migrated servers and re-designed a whole site in a week will know what i mean!), i’m so humbled and encouraged by your private and public comments on facebook, twitter and email.

i had a really great weekend with a serious balance of fun and catching up on projects around the house – we received the ghost chairs we ordered, finally stuffed the gold moroccan poufs we purchased and got a start on the office shelving. i even had time to make a lemon pie to take to the bf’s fams house for sunday bbq! have a sparkly week! x

beautiful vintage style earrings i picked up at an event at beautymark // ava with her wet paws // a super sweet note on my pillow before bed // forgoing my usual nespresso americano for a latte one morning // serious coconut deliciousness from the juice truck // who says you can’t wear sequins on a moto?!… i did get a few funny looks

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  • muffles

    Looks like you had a super fun weekend! Must try that Juice Truck…I keep hearing such great things about it! 

    • erin

      absolutely – it’s a can’t miss – the coconut shake is just like the real deal! x

  • Very pretty earrings! I could really use a morning espresso right now, the frothiness looks like perfection.
    Have a good week, xo.

    • erin

      if you’re ever in the market for a new machine, i seriously reco the nespresso – it’s a game changer! x

  • aliciafashionista

    I think your instagram posts are my favourite.  Shhh don’t tell the others!

    • erin

      that is SO SWEET, alicia! i won’t brag… too much! x