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good glowing

as a makeup artist, the question i’m asked most often is “how can i achieve beautiful skin?”. it can be so complicated with the thousands of products out there claiming to hold the secret. i’ll be sharing the tips to getting beautiful, perfected skin in upcoming posts. let’s start with getting that beautiful glow in prep for summer! these are the products that will get you there.

exfoliator: to prep and prime the skin for makeup, use a gentle exfoliator to remove debris and grime. this smooths the skin so makeup looks as flawless as possible. dermalogica’s microfoliant is a perfect choice – it can be used daily and will help normalize sebum production because it doesn’t overstimulate like scrub based exfoliators do – save those ones for the body. (i just recommended this to a friend who was having problems with blemishes, and he says it’s the best product he’s ever used – how’s that for a testimonial?!)

tinted moisturizer: i’ve raved about nars’ tinted moisturizer a few times on the blog – it’s hands down the best on the market, and it has an spf 30 built in. two birds, one stone – love that!

bronzer: a bronzer is essential to getting that summer glow. i’ve had my nars bronzer for almost two years, and use it daily. adding a swipe to your cheekbones, collarbone and down the bridge of your nose instantly illuminates without any of that orange tint that some can have.

blush: yet another nars product! (can you tell i’m a fan?) this cream blush is the perfect natural flush for warm summer days and doesn’t look anything but natural.

highlighter: sunbeam is the sultry sister to this benefit clut classic (you all know moonbeam, i’m sure!) is the perfect finishing touch for a summer face. adding a few dots to the highest parts of your face adds a warm, dewy effect.

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  • love these tips! I really want to try some benefit highlighter… I haven’t heard a person who has tried it and not liked it!


  • Julia

    nice! I loveeeee Dermalogica products!! Really interested in that Nars tinted moisturizer too.  🙂  Time for a Sephora trip I suppose.

  • lauren

    I am going to check out the Dermalogica dail microfoliant! thanks girl!
    Question though – does the Nars tinted moisturizer make you break out? I have never used their makeup before and I am really hesitant when it comes to the makeup I put on my face. I have oily skin and can easily break out. I have been using clinique concealer and MAC mineral pressed powder and it doesn’t make me break out at all. Any suggestions?

    • Ecgerlach

       hey lauren! i also have oilier skin prone to breakouts, and it’s not clogged my pores at all… i gave it a good 3 weeks to really see, and nothin’! sephora is really good about returns though, so if you try it (it’s pricey but lasts a long time) and it does, you can return for credit. let me know what you decide, ok?? xo