diy: handmade notecards

handmade notecards

i’ve always been obsessed with pretty paper and random acts of thoughtfulness. i cherish handwritten notes and thank you cards friends send me and love doing the same for those i appreciate. having purchased simple flat note cards and foil lined envelopes online, i decided to make my own notecards and this is how i did it!

glue pen
{martha stewart glue pen and glitter, purchased at michaels}

paper and sparkles
{decide on your pattern, draw it with the glue pen, and then pop down the glitter. don’t forget to place a piece up paper to catch all the glitter that will fall}

sparkle notecard{tap off the excess glitter and voila! i chose polka dots, of course}

{all the best, erin xo}

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  • love this post girl!! I make my own hand-made cards with a glue pen too– It’s so fun! xo

    • erin

      great minds, kristin! would love to see yours, too! x

  • Elyshia Samy


  • Muffles

    Can’t wait to try this and maybe one day get my very own “The Sparkle by Erin” DIY card in the post. LOL!

    • erin

      you just never know! you’re sweet. xo

  • These are great! Perfect for some snail mail!

  • Margreet

    Wow! Such a cool idea!

    • erin

      isn’t it easy! xo