valentines day: pop of love

pop of love

we’re two weeks out from that ‘day of love’ – so now might be the time to start planning – these cake pops will definitely impress.

it’s always nice to acknowledge a holiday… even valentines day! while i don’t fuss over this hallmark holiday* too much, i usually make my sweetheart something special in the kitchen (last year it was this). if you’re feeling extra loving, why not surprise your plus one with some cute cake pops or take them to your single girls v-day? i warn you, they are a project, but why not do something out of the box this year?

red velvet cheesecake pops // pink chocolate pops // red velvet chocolate pops

*hallmark or not, i still swoon when my sweetheart brings home a lil’ something for his lady.

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  • Looks amazing!! Cake pops are my new favourite thing… they’re just the perfect bite sized treat! And those red velvet pops really look like something else! 🙂

  • OMG those red velvet cake pops look so freggin yummy!! – Shelly

  • mm love cake pops, they’re so cute and delicious!

  • Yummy! I actually sell these on my online bakery 🙂
    They’re a HUGE hit for any ‘normal’ any special occasion! I say THUMBS UP!

  • Val Sosnowski

    Have you ever made these yourself? Just wondering if they’re worth tackling or if I should just order some.

    • erin

      i am so tempted to try… even though i’m a very seasoned baker, these intimidate me! definitely something to try once, and maybe leave to the professionals after that, haha.

  • My dad gave me a pack of these recently and I may have had all six in one sitting…haha so bad. Love the idea of these, if I was half good at baking I would attempt them myself for my boyfriend! But he’ll just get what he always does…lunch haha.

    Alexandra xo

    • erin

      you just totally made me giggle, alex! x

  • We’ll have to give it out to our girlfriends! They need some love too!

    Minted Magazine

  • Yum, they look delicious!!

  • O my God, you have just reminded me I have to start designing another little creation for valentines day! I always give handmade presents to my friends and loved ones:) Loving your yammy idea

    Dasha Gold

    • erin

      how sweet! x

  • Damn you! You just sentenced me to hours of baking on VD! How can I NOT make these?!

    • erin

      plllease take a pic and share when you do, john! x

  • I made them today and although they don’t look perfect they were great fun to make and they taste sooo good. Thank you for the inspiration, wish you lived close by and I could bring you one to try out. I posted a link to your page on my blog post….I hope that’s ok, I wasn’t sure what the protocol was and whether I should ask first??!!

    Thanks again for the super idea, hubby loves then 🙂 xx

    • erin

      you did SO awesome!! i popped by your blog (no pun intended, haha), and saw that they looked SO cute! you’d never know it was your first try. i would LOVE a visit with those babies! and re: linking – no worries at all. not necessary to ask or link back in this case but sweet of you to do so xo