how to: false lashes the easy way

hold on to your lashes, girls!

starting out in makeup, i had the most difficult time with false lashes. when clients would request them, i would have a little internal freak out. they would slide everywhere, lift at each corner, and never end up sitting where i hoped and prayed they would. i have since conquered the fear (and technique!) and want to share this three step, five second process i’ve developed for a fool proof beautiful result each time.

grab a pair of falsies, tweezers, eyelash curler and mascara and give it a go with me.

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  • Jennifer Starrett

    Great tips Erin- I can never sort those things out but I feel like giving them another try! Thx.

    • erin

      thanks, jen! give it a go, and let me know how it turns out!

  • Ah finally someone’s given a tutorial that actually makes sense! Thanks so much for this love, I’m a total screw-up when it comes to makeup and could never get falsies on properly!

    Alexandra xo

  • Oh that’s how you do that. Thanks for the tip!

  • erin

    @ alexandra: that is awesome feedback! i’m allll about making things super easy- the more shortcuts the better! x

    @ jennifer: very welcome. hope you can use it!